Margaret Harrison - Private Tutor - Newcastle and Tyneside

Tuition Services

Tyneside Private Tutor

I give private tuition in English and Maths to:

Key Stage 1 SATS

As a class teacher and having had children of my own, I have had experience of preparing children for Key Stage One SATS. I am fully aware of the concerns that children and their parents have as the exams approach. Confidence and self esteem are important as children prepare to sit the exams and I address this as part of the preparation. I also teach exam technique. I teach both Literacy and Maths.

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Key Stage 2 SATS

I have considerable experience in teaching children for KS2 SATS. It can be a daunting time for children and their parents as the child faces both the exam and the prospect of a new school with the move from primary education. I aim to increase the pupil's confidence and therefore self esteem whilst consolidating their understanding and developing their abilities. As above, I have worked in Literacy and Maths.

I cover all aspects of Literacy work including reading accuracy and understanding, comprehension skills, spelling and writing skills – techniques in answering questions and creative writing. I also develop confidence in independent working as part of the exam preparation.

I have also covered the aspects of Maths required for the exam again developing confidence in areas where pupils feel they are are less assured. I aim to lift their levels whatever their ability and thereby reduce their feelings of stress.

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Key Stage Three

I have tutored children at KS3 level. Again self confidence and esteem are important at this stage when at young teenage years, pupils often feel vulnerable. I have successfully worked with pupils eradicating their anxieties about their work and developing their skills and abilities. Frequently one to one tuition gives them the confidence to admit their weaknesses and set about replacing them with strengths.

I have achieved this in both English and Maths. I have worked successfully with pupils up to level 7.

I have also been a marker for KS3 English papers.

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Home tuition for children with special educational needs

I have taught in Special Schools for children with special educational needs so I am aware of the particular considerations and requirements of this group. I have worked with pupils with both physical, emotional and other disabilities. I have considerable experience of Autism and Aspergers Syndrome and have found working with children with these conditions rewarding for both of us. I have experience of working with children with visual disabilities/impairments and with ADHD.

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Tuition for private school entrance exams

I have done quite a lot of successful work preparing children for Private School Entrance Exams. I have a wide range of resources in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning. I am aware of the requirements for these schools and have the skills and resources to help the pupil achieve his or her potential in the exams.

I also prepare children for interview.

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Children with English as a second language

Both in schools and with private tuition I have worked with children who speak very little English and where English is not spoken at home. I have also, on occasions, helped their parents.

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I have successfully taught English, Maths and Music to GCSE level.

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